Traffic stop leads to seizure of jammers, cash and drugs


2023-11-14 10:19 PST

File # 2023-181992

Surrey RCMP Gang Enforcement Team (SGET) seized police radio jammers, cash and drugs from two people during a traffic stop.

On November 1, 2023, at approximately 9:00 pm, Surrey RCMP-SGET conducted a traffic stop in the 17600-block of 64 Avenue after observing a vehicle driving erratically. Officers observed a jammer in plain sight and arrested the driver for contravention of the Radiocommunication Act. A jammer can disrupt signals on cell phones, GPS and police radios.

A male driver and female passenger were arrested. During a search, police seized four jammers, a large amount of cash and approximately 60 grams (600 doses) of Methamphetamine.

Photo Description: Four police radio jammers, an amount of cash featuring bills in values of $100, $50, $20, and $5, three small bags of what appears to be methamphetamine, and two sets of brass knuckles all on display on a table.

The driver was issued violation tickets for his driving behaviour and both parties were released at the scene pending further investigation.

Taking these devices and drugs off the street is just one example of how our officers are disrupting crime and protecting our community from the criminal element, says Cpl. Sarbjit K. Sangha Media Relations Officer Surrey RCMP.

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