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2023-08-29 10:35 PDT

September 5th will mark the first day of school for tens of thousands of elementary and high school students in Surrey. Surrey RCMP is sharing some reminders and resources to help ensure a safe return to class across the city.

Back to school – On the road

Children and teens will once again be walking to and from school, and drivers need to be extra vigilant. Remember, the speed limit in school zones is 30 kilometres an hour, and is in effect from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. each school day (unless otherwise posted). The same speed restriction applies in playground zones from dawn until dusk every day. Leave your phone alone when behind the wheel, and pay attention when backing out of a driveway or parking garage.

Drivers should also keep an eye out for school buses dropping off passengers, and never pass a school bus with its red light flashing. All vehicles travelling in the same and opposite direction as the bus are required to stop when the bus displays red warning lights and extends its stop signal arm. Failing to stop for a school bus signal can result in a $368 fine.

Students and parents walking to school should always use designated cross walks, and make eye contact with drivers before crossing the street. Remove headphones and ear buds to remain aware of your surroundings on the road.

Support for students from Surrey RCMP

We work closely with our partners at the Surrey School District to offer a variety of supports and programs for students and their families. Our School Resource Officers are also assigned to every school in the district, and work closely with the school community to build positive relationships and provide education and enforcement.

Our programs include:

Code Blue and Mini-Blue: lunch hour and after school physical activity programs led by Surrey RCMP officers for students at the high school and elementary school level

Surrey Wrap Program: a partnership with the Surrey School District and the City of Surrey which helps provide wraparound support to youth at risk of getting involved in gangs and criminal activity.

Shattering the Image: an anti-gang presentation developed by our Surrey Gang Enforcement Team aimed at refuting the glamourized gang lifestyle.

Project Lavender: a presentation focused on helping youth make healthy choices when it comes to relationships, as well as providing education about the risk of sextortion.

Additional resources:

Parent Helpline

Family & Youth Resource Support Team (FYRST)

Wishing all students and their families a safe and successful school year!

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Media Relations Officer
Surrey RCMP
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