Tips to stay safe this summer


2023-07-07 13:04 PDT

Make this summer fun and safe for you and your family by following some tips provided by the Surrey RCMP.

Securing your home and property

Whether you intend on spending your summer at home or travelling, it is important to remain vigilant of property crime thieves. Surrey RCMP’s Property Crime Target Team recommends locking your front doors and windows, and keeping garage doors closed, even if you are home or spending time in the backyard. If you are going on vacation take some precautions such as stopping regular newspaper deliveries or have a neighbor collect your mail. Also setting up indoor lights to turn on and off automatically on timers could deter a thief. See more safety tips here.

Don’t leave kids or pets left in vehicles

Your car is basically a miniature greenhouse and temperatures can skyrocket extremely quickly inside. Parking in the shade or slightly cracking the window does not make it safe. On an average summer day, the inside of a parked vehicle can reach a dangerously high temperature of over 38 degrees Celsius in minutes.

Plan your trip accordingly and, if you need to make a "quick stop" then, for the health and safety of your child, take your child with you even if it means getting them out of their car seat. Heat stroke can occur very quickly and unexpectedly in children and pets causing symptoms such as dizziness, disorientation, agitation, confusion, sluggishness, seizure, loss of consciousness, and/or death.

If you see a pet or a child in distress inside a parked vehicle call 9-1-1 immediately.

Keeping youth safe

We want our youth to enjoy time off school, to relax and decompress. It is also important to help them enjoy that time safely and responsibly.

Here are some ways parents can help teens be proactive in scheduling summer activities:

See more safety tips here.

Surrey RCMP issued a letter to parents at the end of the school year with safety tips on online safety, reporting bullying or other unsafe behaviours to police, and a list of youth/parent resources available throughout the summer months.

Surrey RCMP Community Engagement Teams gear up for summer

In preparation for a busy summer events season, the Surrey RCMP’s Community Engagement Teams are ramping up their attendance at various community, sporting, and cultural events throughout the city.

Team members from various units including Special Events, Diversity, Community Programs, and Youth Unit will be at these events connecting with children and youth and offering resources to parents.

This initiative is part of the Surrey RCMP’s long-term commitment to building an early positive rapport with youth and their families and bringing awareness to the many programs and services available.

Read more summer safety tips here.

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